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Contact us at the contact page and we can send you the questionnaire form by Email or by snail mail if you prefer.  


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We at ColourFast Pyrenean Mastiffs want to ensure that our happy, healthy puppies are put into the homes that are best suited to them. If you are interested in a future puppy, please fill out this questionnaire as completely as possible. If you have questions please contact us. 



Province/State, Country, Postal Code/Zip Code:

Phone Number:



1. How did you hear about ColourFast Pyrenean Mastiffs?

2. How did you learn about the Pyrenean Mastiff breed?

3. What kind of area do you live? Farm? Town? City?

4. Do you rent or own your home/farm property?

5. What are your goals for this puppy? Please circle/highlight.

Livestock Guardian, Family Pet/Companion, Show Potential, Guard Dog, Breeding Prospect, Service/Therapy, Other __________.

6. Please explain your choice(s).

7. Please list the ages of any children that live with you.

8. Do you agree to supervise young children so that they do not accidently get knocked down and harmed?

9. Have you ever owned a large or giant breed of dog before? If so, what breed and for how long?

10. Please list animals that your Pyrenean Mastiff would be exposed to:

    Pets: Species/breed, age, spayed/neutered

    Farm Animals: Species/Quantity

11. Please describe your home, yard, farm. Do you have adequate fencing? What type? How tall?

12. If you do not have fencing, please describe how you plan on containing your puppy or dog?

13. If you are planning on keeping the dog outside, what kind of shelter will be available?

14. Where will be your Pyrenean Mastiff spend most of it's time?

15. Who will primarily be responsible for the dog's care?

16. Who will care for your dog if you go on vacation?

17. Are you willing to spend the amount of time required to socialize and train your Pyrenean Mastiff?

18. Are you planning on attending puppy socialization or obedience training classes?

19. If the need arises, how would you reprimand your dog's inappropriate behaviour?

20. What traits in a dog are important to you? What traits do you dislike?

21. How does your family feel about the prospect of bringing a Pyrenean Mastiff into it? Pros? Cons?

22. Are you willing to provide veterinary care and keep up to date with a minimal vaccination program?

23. Have you picked a Veterinarian or do you already have one? Are you willing to provide them as a reference?

24. Are you aware that Pyrenean Mastiffs sometimes drool?

25. Do you know that they blow their coat twice a year?

26. Do you have a preference for a male or female puppy? Why?

27. Do you have a preference for a particular colour, if available?

28. What type of food are you planning to feed your giant breed puppy and dog?

29. If you move or if your situation changes, what would you do with the dog?

30. Are you willing to agree to return your Pyrenean Mastiff to ColourFast Pyrenean Mastiffs if you should no longer be able to keep him/her?

31. Do you understand that if, for any reason, at somepoint you need to find a home for your Pyrenean Mastiff puppy or dog that it has to be returned to ColourFast Pyrenean Mastiffs at your expense?

32. Would you be picking up your puppy from ColourFast Pyrenean Mastiffs? Or would you require that the puppy be shipped at your expense? To which airport were you planning?

33. Are you aware that our puppies are sold under contract?

34. Are you aware that Pet/Guard Quality pups will be sold with limited registration and will need to be spayed or neutered? With sterilization not being recommended until 2 years of age?

35. Are you willing to become a member of our breed club?

I have fully understood and answered this questionnaire completely and truthfully.


Thank you for your interest in a puppy from ColourFast Pyrenean Mastiffs. Please forward your completed questionnaire to address located above as a first step in the application process.

Contact us at the contact page and we can send you the questionnaire form by Email or by snail mail if you prefer.