Mastin Del Pirineo

ColourFast Pyrenean Mastiffs

Canadian Master Champion, Champion & Jr. Puppy Champion ColourFast Araglas

Litter "A"  Born: January 2, 2014

Canadian Champion Éowyn De La Tierra Alta​

The Queen of ColourFast Mountain!

Welcome to the ColourFast Pyrenean Mastiffs! We are located next to the Grand River in beautiful in Brant County, Ontario, Canada. We have a working farm and raise our Pyrenean Mastiffs on our 60 acres. Please enjoy our website and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Find us on Facebook - ColourFast Pyrenean Mastiffs for updates and pictures!

Quality ColourFast Pyrenean Mastiffs
About ColourFast Farm

This is a picture of Emma and her daughter Jolene.  They are part of our foundation herd and the future mothers of our Grass-Fed Beef!

ColourFast Farm is now located on 60 acres on which we grow hay and pasture for our animals.  We use our Border Collie and Pyrenean Mastiffs to manage and protect our wide range of animals.  We have a flock of sheep that was started with a gift of a lamb for Christmas in 1985, from which we raise Grass-Fed Lamb.  We have a small herd of Charolais/Simmental Beef Cattle, for raising Grass-Fed Beef.  We also have five Jersey Cows tested for A2 milk, which for making all our own dairy products for home use.  We also like to sell A2 tested house cows for people to have their own milk.  We have two Horses - Digger (27 years old) & Happy (13 years old), two guard Llamas, a few Pigs raised for Milk-Fed Pork, Pastured Chickens, Ducks, Guinea Fowl and Heritage Maran Laying Hens.

We raise our animals in a healthy, happy, natural environment, on pasture in the Spring, Summer and Fall.  All feeds/supplements are organic or at least G.M.O.-free (Genetically Modified Organisms).  Our animals are raised without the use of  chemicals, vaccinations, drugs, horomones and antibiotics.  We strive to provide the highest quality meat possible.

Find us on Facebook - ColourFast Farm for pictures and updates!


"Let food be thy medicine and let thy medicine be food."


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